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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bouquet Jukebox Dev 1 - New Engine Download

Engine name: Bouquet
Version: Jukebox, Dev 1
Author: Jose M Velasco
Protocol: UCI
Windows: Win32/64, Popcnt
Source code: C
Remarks: Bouquet derivative (Ippolit), many changes in behavior have changed their name. This is a BETA version, in order to probe their behavior and collect users' impressions. UCI has two options to consider: Pawn_Storm of 0-20, 10 by default, partly controls the thrust of the pawns, these have been adjusted according to the position of the kings, several arrays that fit internally with three algorithms. Pawn_End of 0-20, 10 by default, as Pawn_Storm and in addition, it is simpler, assume that in the final phase Kings are centralized, so it is less radical. Added some things trying to give more aggression.
Date released: 03/03/13
Estimated ELO: 2925

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