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Monday, March 4, 2013

Chess Engines Download - P

Computer Chess Engines Collection - P

PanChess ProDeo
PanChess 00.230.7z ProDeo
PanChess 00.240.rar ProDeo
PanChess 00.250 x64.rar ProDeo
Parrot 070116 ProDeo
Parrot ProDeo
Patriot 2006.rar Project Invincible 2.00.7z
Patzer 3.80.rar Project Invincible 2.01.7z
Patzer CB.7z Project Invincible 2.02.7z
Pawny Project Invincible 2.03.7z
Penguin 9 Prophet 2.0b1
Pentagon Protector 1.3.4 64 ja.7z
Pepito Source.7z Protector
Pepito v1.21.rar Protector 1.4.0 ja.7z
Pepito v1.42 MMX DC.rar Protector 1.4.0 rev402.7z
Pepito v1.55 CdC.rar Protector 1.5 VE.7z
Pepito v1.59.2 (fix) Protector.7z
Pepito v1.59.2 ja.rar Protej
Pepito Protej
Pepito v1.59.7z Protej
Petir v3.99d.rar Protej
Petir v4.72.rar Protej
Petir v4.999999.rar Protej
Phalanx CB.7z Protej
Phalanx XXII Protej
Phalanx XXIII Protej
Pharaon v2.62.rar Protej
Pharaon v3.51.7z Protej
Philemon c x64 win32 Protej
Philou Protej
Philou Protej
Pierre 1.7 Protej
Piranha Protej
Plisk 0.2.7d Protej Book
Plp 1661571 Protej
Plywood Pseudo
Pooky Pseudo
Popochin 3.2.rar Pulsar 2007
Portable Chess.rar Pulsar 2007 Pulsar 2007 9b.7z
PostModernist v1010a.rar Pulsar 2009
PostModernist v1016.rar Pulsar
Powder Pulsar
Predateur Pulsar
ProChess 101 Pupsi v0.17.rar
ProDeo Pupsi v0.19.rar
ProDeo Pupsi2 v0.06.rar
ProDeo Pupsi2 v0.07.rar
ProDeo Pupsi2 v0.08.rar
ProDeo Pupsi2
ProDeo Purple Haze 2.0 w32
ProDeo 1.71 Purple Haze 2.0.3-0
ProDeo Purple Haze 2.10
Prodeo 1.71a Pyotr Jet

1 comment:

  1. I have published a new version of Popochin (v4.0).
    It can be downloaded at
    Miguel Izquierdo


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