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Monday, March 11, 2013

EXchess 7.01b - New Chess Engine Download


EXchess is an amateur chess program that can be run in plain text mode or it can be interfaced with standard graphical chess interface programs like Xboard/Winboard or Arena.  The main features of EXchess are:

- Advanced search algorithms including principle variation search, null move, dynamic search extensions, hash tables, history tables, quiescence search, material swap function, interface with Nalimov endgame tablebases, late move reductions, chess skill setting, and context specific evaluation.
- Opening book learning (off  by default: for play against other computers, this should be turned on by editing the “search.par” file).
- You can modify how EXchess thinks by editing the search.par file that comes with the program. (Note that previous versions had a 'score.par' file as well for TDleaf learning, but no longer using TDleaf learning in version 6.30 and later.)
- You can download the source code for EXchess.  You are free to modify the source code under the terms of the GNU Public License.

Engine name: EXchess
Version: 7.01b
Author: +Dan Homan
Protocol: WB
Windows 32bit: Yes
Windows 64bit: Yes
Linux 32bit: Yes
Linux 64bit: Yes
Android: No
MacOS: Yes
Multi-processor: Yes
Source code: C++
Opening book: No
Date released: 03/10/13
Est. ELO rating: 2507
Remarks: Own GUI; FRC; limit strength

EXchess 7.01b vs. EXchess 6.71b - Chess Engines Test 10S+1S

There is no significant change in the newer version of EXchess as the 20 games match with the previous version ended in a draw.

1EXchess 7.01b10.0/20· ·· ··5-5-10 100.00 
1EXchess 6.71b10.0/205-5-10· ·· ·· 100.00 

20 games played / Tournament finished

Tournament start: 2013.03.11, 18:37:36
Latest update: 2013.03.11, 19:53:35
Site/ Country: CYBIRD-0A89D1A1, United States
Level: Blitz 0:10/1
Hardware: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor 3000 MHz with 0.8 GB Memory
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP 64 Bit Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 3790)
Table created with: Arena 3.0

Download computer chess engines tournament games here. 

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