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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Firenzina 2.2.2 SGVAD - New Engine Download

Engine name: Firenzina
Version: 2.2.2 SGVAD
Author: Unknown + Norman Schmidt + Dmitri Gusev
Protocol: UCI
Windows: Win64 SSE 4.2; MP
Source code: C
Remarks: A clone of Fire 2.2 xTreme by Kranium (Norman Schmidt), based on Ippolit. Now faster, thanks to _mm_popcnt_u64() and a newer compiler (Intel C++ 13.0 Update 3, Feb. 6, 2013). Allows up to twice as many threads as there are CPUs (but no more than 64), to improve xTreme configurability. Supports Robbobase EGTB. SGVAD (Schmidt-Gusev-Velasco-Ablett-Dart) compiler parameter set
Date released: 03/04/13
Estimated ELO: 2933

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