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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List #19

The 19th Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List released.  The changes were caused by the completed Top Chess Engines Tournament 2 - Category 16 event with an average ELO rating of 2631 for the 8 participants in 100 round robin games.  It was won by Doch 1.3.4 with a score of 397.5/700 followed by Junior 3.3 with 393/700 and Ktulu 9.0 with 351/700.

The ELO Chg column represents the change of the ELO rating after the above event was incorporated in the rating list.  Junior got the highest increase with 23 points followed by Doch with 13 points.  Booot got the biggest negative score with  -20 points and Minko Chess with -14 points.

View full the full rating list here.

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