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Monday, March 18, 2013

Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List #21

The 21st Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List released.  Changes came from the Top Chess Engines 5 Tournament, a Category 13 event averaging 2561 ELO rating, with 8 participants in 100 round robin games.

The winner was Loop 2007 with a score of 391/700, followed by Umko 1.2 with 373.5/700 and Scorpio 2.7.5 with 372.5/700.  Completing the tournament are Smaug 2.2.1, Crafty 23.5, Jonny 4.00, Smarthink 1.20 and Twisted Logic 100131.

There was a ripple of ELO rating changes in the bottom half  of the rating list which was a natural effect in the stabilization process.

View the full rating list here.

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