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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List #23

The 23rd Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List released.  It featured changes from the Top Chess Engines Tournament #6 and the first batch of the gauntlet matches of Firenzina 2.2.2 xTreme against Vitruvius 1.11C, Deep Rybka 4.1, ComStock 1.02b and Fire 2.2 xTreme.

The Firenzina gauntlet matches was a Category 28 event with 2929 ELO rating average where Firenzina obtained the ELO rating of 2929 and ranked #16 which was a big jump from the previous rank of #24.

The Top Chess Engines #6 Tournament was a Category 9 event with an average ELO rating of 2450 where the champion was EXchess 6.71b with a score of 395/700, followed by Fruitfly 1.1.1 with a score of 382/700 and Delfi 5.4 with 362/700. The rest of the participants who finished in this order are:  Alaric 707, Rainbow Serpent 2.3.2, Colossus 2008b, Rotor 0.7a and Daydreamer 1.75.

View the full rating list here.

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