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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List #28

The 28th Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List released.  It is another tournament to increase the volume of games at the bottom of Class A engines.  For purposes of labeling, Class A refers to the top 100 engines, while Class B refers to the engines below the top 100.
The tournament was subdivided into 3 subsets with 10 participants each and the results are aggregated. Top ranked in this tournament are Frenzee 3.5.19, Daydreamer 1.75 and Deuterium 12.01.30.  Results may not be in proper order as the sub-tournaments are discrete and have no link with each other, so the winner in the lower class may be on top of the ranking.  The definitive ranking is in the rating list below:

View the full rating list here.

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