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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stockfish 13031122 - New Chess Engine Download

Release notes:

This compile is built by +Gary Linscott.

Check for easy move just once.

Here the rational seems to be that if after one try easy
move detection fails then the easy move is not so easy :-)

No functional change. 

Engine name: Stockfish
Version: 13031122
Author: +Marco Costalba, +Joona Kiiski, +Tord Romstad, +Gary Linscott
Protocol: UCI
Windows 32bit: Yes
Windows 64bit: Yes
Linux 32bit: No
Linux 64bit: No
Multi-processor: Yes
SSE 4.2 Yes
Popcnt: No
Android: No
MacOS: No
FRC Chess960: Yes
Source code: No
Opening book: No
Est. ELO rating: 2953-

Stockfish 13031122 vs. Stockfish 2.3.1 - Test Match 20R 10S+1S

The newer build, Stockfish 13031122 lost to the last Stockfish 2.3.1 stable release by 1 point in the 20 games match.  There is no significant gain from this compilation.
1Stockfish 2.3.1 10.5/20· ·· ··6-5-9 99.75 
2Stockfish 130311229.5/205-6-9· ·· ·· 99.75 

20 games played / Tournament finished

Tournament start: 2013.03.12, 19:11:19
Latest update: 2013.03.12, 20:09:11
Site/ Country: CYBIRD-0A89D1A1, United States
Level: Blitz 0:10/1
Hardware: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor 3000 MHz with 0.8 GB Memory
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP 64 Bit Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 3790)
Table created with: Arena 3.0

Download computer chess engines tournament games here.

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