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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stockfish 13030409 - New Chess Engine Download

Strongest chess engine
Stockfish 13030409

Engine name: Stockfish
Version: 13030409
Author: Marco Costalba, Joona Kiiska, Tord Romstad
Protocol: UCI
Windows 32bit: Yes
Windows 64bit: Yes
Linux 32bit: No
Linux 64bit: Yes
Android: No
MacOS: No
Multi-processor: Yes
Source code: Not included
Opening book: No
Remarks: Increase see prune depth. This seems good at short TC controls. Testing at long TC and regression testing is still ongoing. So this is a bit speculative commit and could be reverted in the future. Also re-testing at long TC, the SEE pruning in PV nodes seems less effective (perhaps even a regression, but still ongoing) so disabled for now.
Date released: 03/04/13
Est. ELO rating: 3000

Tests - Stockfish 2.3.1 - Stockfish 13030409  

The tournament started with 10 games but it ended in a draw.  It was increased to 20 rounds and Stockfish 13030409 development version won by 2 points margin while the latest stable Stockfish 2.3.1 was not able to win. 

Here is the score:

1Stockfish 1303040911.0/20· ·· ··3-1-16 99.00 
2Stockfish 2.3.1 9.0/201-3-16· ·· ·· 99.00 

20 games played / Tournament finished

Tournament start: 2013.02.23, 17:49:19
Latest update: 2013.03.07, 19:05:38
Site/ Country: CYBIRD-0A89D1A1, United States
Level: Blitz 0:10/1
Hardware: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor 3000 MHz with 0.8 GB Memory
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP 64 Bit Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 3790)
Table created with: Arena 3.0

Download complete computer chess engines tournament games here.

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