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Friday, March 22, 2013

The 25th Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List is released.  Changes were made by the Top Chess Engines #8 - 100 Rounds Tournament, Category 5 - Average ELO of 2364 and the Class B - 10 Round Robin event., Category -5 with Average ELO of 2121.

The Top Chess Engines #8 tournament was won by Aristarch 4.50, followed by Francesca MAD 0.19 and Movei 00.8.438.  The Class B Tournament are for the chess engines below the Top 100 Chess Engines List and was organized into 10 separate sub-tournaments.  Winners for each sub-tournament could be found in the download file which is made available for those interested.  The rating list was once again shaken with most of those below the Top 100 having double digit negative numbers which incidentally have only 300 games.  This meant that the rating list is unstable for those with few games played.

View the full rating list here.

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