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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Glaurung 2.2 dragon poisoned by Stockfish 131111

The 4th stage of the TCEC Chess Engines Live Tournament is about to be finished with Stockfish clearly leading the field with 2.5 points as this post is created, ahead of Komodo and Houdini. Sadly, the invincible Houdini will not make the super-finals after Stockfish got the revenge of scoring +3 in their 6 games encounter.

Some days ago, I made a random match between Stockfish and Glaurung to satifsy curiosity on what is the relative strength of Stockfish in relation to its original parent. Glaurung chess engine was the creation of Tord Romstad which was last published in the year 2009 after Stockfish made its appearance. Marco Costalba forked the Glaurung 2.1 version in 2008, named it Stockfish and was eventually chosen to continue what Glaurung had begun.

The ELO rating of published Stockfish 131109 version is 3219 while Glaurung 2.2 is 2590 with a huge difference of 629 points. Glaurung's ELO strength is already worth a normal human chess Grandmaster's strength. It could probably make a reasonable fight with a GrandMonster like Stockfish.

I choosed the Stockfish 131111 build against the last Glaurung 2.2 in the grand match. As the 100 round match unfolds before my eyes, I watched the awesome strength of Stockfish ruthlessly destroying its father Glaurung. The final score was 98.5-1.5 in favor of Stockfish, where Glaurung never managed a single win but just lucky to salvage 3 draws.

Here is the crosstable:

Stockfish 131111 x64 vs. Glaurung 2.2 x64 - Match 100R 1M1S
1Stockfish 131111 x6498.5/100· ·· ··97-0-3 147.75 
2Glaurung 2.2 x64 1.5/1000-97-3· ·· ·· 147.75 

100 games played / Tournament finished

Tournament start: 2013.11.14, 08:32:30
Latest update: 2013.11.14, 15:08:05
Level: Blitz 1/1
Hardware: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor with 2.0 GB Memory
Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) 64 bit
Table created with: Arena 3.0.

Download the match games here.

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