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Monday, December 2, 2013

Komodo - TCEC Chess Engines World Champion

Congratulations to the Komodo team for their Komodo Chess Engine who won the just recently concluded TCEC Live Chess Tournament! This was a great achievement of Don Dailey, the brains behind Komodo who was happy to know his baby reached the superfinal before he succumbed to the terminal cancer - Leukemia. (Condolence to Don's family.)

Komodo won against Stockfish with a score of 25-23 where the final result was not decided until the last 48th game was finished. This was the same score with Houdini against Stockfish in the previous season's superfinal, that earned Stockfish the title "Prince Of Computer Chess".

Probably, only the Komodo Team and some lucky ones managed to correctly forecast the champion. My personal forecast of Stockfish being the champion was wrong and so were the visitors of this website who voted for Stockfish in the poll.

The most logical reason for Komodo's victory was that the Komodo team may have reserved their best chess engine improvements specifically for the superfinal. Stockfish and Houdini were caught off-guard, especially Stockfish who won the prior stage and entered the superfinals with virtually minimal improvement.

The TCEC Live Chess Tournament was a great success. Congratulations to Martin Thorsten for organizing this unique tournament where it could be described as the "Chess Engines World Championship". This has certainly helped in the advancement of Computer Chess Engines Science where the chess engine authors are constantly looking for new ideas so that their creation will become competitive and be finally tested in the TCEC.

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