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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top Computer Chess Engines Collection

For collectors and hobbyists, the Top Computer Chess Engines collection of the Owl Computer Chess Engines Blitz website is now available for a token.

The package contains the latest publicly available free computer chess engines which includes the strongest like Stockfish, Gull, Critter, Bouquet, Fire and the free versions of Houdini, Komodo & Rybka. Commercial chess engines are available at their respective websites.

This release is well suited for individuals who are newbies that are just starting to collect chess engines, experienced chess players that wanted ready to play tournaments without the tedious effort of configuring each chess engine, or any chess enthusiast who just desire education and entertainment.

The chess engines collection comes bundled with the latest Arena Chess GUI 3.5, one of the best GUI for chess engines analysis, tests, play and tournaments. The collection is portable which could be instantly played in any PC with Windows XP or Windows 7 in just a couple of minutes of extracting it to the destination directory.

Package contents:
 - 240 free chess engines selection
 - Includes 32/64 bit Windows, Linux & MacOS executables and source codes where available
 - Arena Chess GUI 3.5 with preconfigured chess engines settings    

The cost of this service is US$20 where the item will be sent through e-mail:

Interested parties may inquire by email:

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