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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fried Shark 141102 x64 vs. Komodo 8, Houdini 4 - 100R 1M1S

Here is another exploratory test between Fried Shark against Komodo 8 and Houdini 4 in a 100 round robin at 1 minute base + 1 second time control. It is again conducted in a single AMD 4 core computer with 4GB RAM which should minimize statistical errors.

The winner is Fried Shark with a 22 points lead over the next placer Houdini. The tail ender is Komodo 8 which probably does not like the tournament environment.

Fried Shark 141102 x64 vs. Komodo 8, Houdini 4 - 100R 1M1S
1Fried Shark 141102 x64 modern118.5/200· ·· ·· ··29-15-5634-11-55 10728.00 
2Houdini 4 Pro x64 96.5/20015-29-56· ·· ·· ··26-19-55 9643.00 
3Komodo 8 x64 85.0/20011-34-5519-26-55· ·· ·· ·· 9049.50 

300 games played / Tournament finished

Tournament start: 2014.11.03, 16:32:38
Latest update: 2014.11.03, 21:59:28
Level: Blitz 1/1
Hardware: AMD Phenom(tm) IIX4 945 Processor with 4.0 GB Memory
Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) 64 bit
Table created with: Arena 3.5
Download the tournament PGN games here.


  1. Fried Shark 141102 X64 PLEASE no modern

    1. I did not intend to make a modern compilation for test combat. Somebody reported that my generic Shark was fried, but I saw that he was using the SSE4.2 compile which was very strong, so I made a compilation to match it.

      The modern version against Houdini and Komodo was just to see some statistics with it. But how do we know that Houdini and Komodo are not using modern compiles?

      In my future test, I will try to be fair to match a modern compile against opponents who explicitly have it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. you're right, but would appreciate much come upstairs compilation fried shark 141102 x64 not modern, because I would like to try it, thanks for replying.


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