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Monday, December 8, 2014

Shark 141208 vs. Orka 141208 - 200R 10S+100ms

Who wins when Shark and Orka battles? In real fish life it is most likely Orka by its size and accompanying wolf-pack. In chess engines domain, it depends on the terrain. If Syzygy tablebases are enabled with hardware support it will probably be Orka but will be statistically impossible to beat Shark when there is none, to paraphrase Ronald de Man, the author of Syzygy.

Here is a sample of their fresh match without Syzygy enabled.

Shark 141208 x64 vs. Orka 141208 x64 - 10S+100ms
1Shark 141208 x64103.5/200· ·· ·· ··14-7-179 9987.75 
2Orka 141208 x64 96.5/2007-14-179· ·· ·· ·· 9987.75 

200 games played / Tournament finished

Tournament start: 2014.12.08, 06:15:39
Latest update: 2014.12.08, 06:52:10
Level: Blitz 0:10/0.1
Hardware: AMD Phenom(tm) IIX4 945 Processor with 6.0 GB Memory
Operating system: Linux 3.17.4-pclos1 64bit
Table created with: Arena 3.5
Download the match PGN games here.


  1. Hay algo malo en estas versiones de Shark y Orka. Solo muestran una jugada en el tablero de variantes


    There is something wrong with these versions of Shark and Orka. Only show a play on the board of variants

    1. I am not sure what variant you see because I have not seen one yet in millions of games I played. Please use Arena GUI and then tell me exactly what kind of variant this one is because there is no such thing as variant in Stockfish except Chess960.

    2. Chessbase GUI engine 13 only shows the first play of what is analyzed. It should show all the plays being analyzed as if it does Orka 061 214

    3. En Aquarium y en Chessbase13 solo muestra la primera jugada de la variante que está analizando.


      In Aquarium and Chessbase13 only shows the first play of the variant you are analyzing.

    4. Me explico: Estoy usando el análisis infinito.

      I mean, I'm using infinite analysis.

    5. Oh sorry. Shark and Orka are crafted to be used for fun and to beat other chess engines but not for analysis or variants. The original Stockfish is the best for your need.

    6. Disculpe pero si pudiera arreglar esto se lo agradecería.

      Sorry but if I could fix this I'd appreciate it.


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