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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stockfish 14121911 x64 vs. Orka 14121911 x64 - 200R 15S+50ms - Little Blitzer

Match game between Stockfish 14121911 and Orka 141219 at 15 seconds base + 50 milliseconds increment time control for 200 rounds using Little Blitzer 2.74, Windows 8.1, Linux 3.17.4 + VirtualBox.

Games Completed = 200 of 200 (Avg game length = 33.205 sec)
Settings = RR/32MB/Book/15000ms+50ms/M 2000cp for 3 moves, D 120 moves/
Time = 7497 sec elapsed, 0 sec remaining

 1.  Stockfish 14121911 x64       92.0/200    23-39-138      (L: m=4 t=0 i=0 a=35)    (D: r=107 i=14 f=1 s=0 a=16)    (tpm=244.9 d=15.01 nps=1708645)

 2.  Orka 141219 x64              108.0/200    39-23-138      (L: m=6 t=0 i=0 a=17)    (D: r=107 i=14 f=1 s=0 a=16)    (tpm=243.0 d=17.92 nps=1531653)

Download the match PGN games here.


  1. Orka 141219 es Shark 141219 corregido.
    Por favor enviar enlace para Orka 141219

    Orka141 219 is Shark 141 219 corrected.
    Please send link to Orka 141 219

    1. Orka link already fixed in previous post.

  2. Hi Wilson
    Please don't mind, but please upgrade your Hardware.
    Your compiles like Orka and Shark may be beating regular Stockfish compiles on your Hardware, but on high-end hardware they are ALWAYS beaten !
    Your results/compiles will have more value for high-end users only if you upgrade your Hardware.

  3. These are useless Stockfish clones and are expected to beaten by the Stockfish originals every time in any kind of hardware. Modern hardware will never make it stronger.


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