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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Owl Hybrid Chess Engines Rating List - 09/26/2015

The Owl Hybrid Chess Engines Rating List released as of 09/26/015. This is the continuation of the previous post featuring the CCRL+CEGT Combined Rating List.

The hybrid list was formed from the rating lists of CCRT, CEGT, FCP/SWCR and OCERL. The "All" version is the slighty modified chess engines list as it appeared in the respective rating list sites while the "Stripped" version is a heavily modified chess engines list which removed the labels like "x64", "CPU", "Deep", etc. Some chess engines with minor release version were merged with the major release version in order to have more games to reduce the statistical ERROR bar.

Future posts will include the list of best versions for each engine family and possibly a list of the Top 100 chess engines from the Hybrid PGN collection.

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