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Friday, October 9, 2015

Owl Hybrid Rating List - updated 10/09/2015

The Owl Combined Rating Lists are updated, 10/09/2015.  Total PGN games in the database is now 5.8 million which include sources from:
   - CCRL 40/4, 40/40, 40/4FRC
   - CEGT 40/4, 40/20, 40/20 pb on, 40/120 new, 40/120 replay, 5+3
   - FCP 40/5
   - SWCR 40/10
   - FGRL 10, 30
   - OCERL 1/1

The updated rating lists includes additional clones/derivates from the old OCERL rating list. Why more clones? Because there are clones in the main CCRL+CEGT sites which have few games that needed reinforcement.
For those who hate clones, just look at the Hybrid Top Selection for minimal nuisance. Well, why hate clones? Even the strongest open source Stockfish was cloned from Glaurung!

In the Hybrid Rating List - Best, the number one is Stockfish 200815 displacing Komodo 9.2 from the top. This Stockfish 200815 development version came from the CCRL 40/4FRC rating list.

There are 5 different versions of the Owl Combined Rating Lists which those interested may view for some reason. They are:

- CCRL+CEGT 40/4 - All = all the PGN games from CCRL/CEGT at 40/4 time control with minimal alteration.

- CCRL+CEGT 40/4 - Best = only the best versions selected from the CCRL/CEGT 40/4 time control which was derived by stripping the labels like CPU, x64, Deep and others.

- Hybrid - All = all PGN games from various sources. It is a smorgasbord of PGNs with different time controls, engine version selection, variable CPU cores.

- Hybrid - Best = best engine versions selection from the smorgasbord

- Hybrid - Top Selection = only the best with minimal clones, no private engines, more than 4000 games for each engine and runs on Arena GUI.

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