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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ethereal 11.36 vs. Xiphos 0.5.3 - Test

Ethereal aimed to be the second strongest open source engine. It achieved that feat some months ago, but out of the blue Xiphos came from nowhere and dislodged Ethereal.

The recent development releases of Ethereal had not changed the situation as Xiphos is also doing development releases to elevate its position further.

Here is the score:

Rank Chess Engine ELO Games Score%  Win%  Draw% Loss%
1 Xiphos 0.5.3 x64  19.36 100 55.50 30.00 51.00 19.00
2 Ethereal 11.36 x64  -19.36 100 44.50 19.00 51.00 30.00

Download the match games here.

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