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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Xiphos 0.5.3 vs. Fire 7.1 - Test

Xiphos is now next in rank with Fire in the recent Rating Lists. This is a test for the latest Xiphos 0.5.3 development to determine whether it can beat Fire 7.1 in the Ratings List ranking. The results showed that it will take some more iterations and it can finally be on top of Fire, granting that Fire does nothing to prevent it.

Here is the score:

Rank Chess Engine ELO Games Score%  Win%  Draw% Loss%
1 Fire 7.1 x64  7.01 100 52.00 24.00 56.00 20.00
2 Xiphos 0.5.3 x64  -7.01 100 48.00 20.00 56.00 24.00

Download the match games here.

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